Vision Statement

  • Our vision is to build a practice that genuinely cares about the needs of people. While we are geared towards providing solutions to even the most complex legal and non-legal issues, we are on a journey to building a practice that takes up the challenge of utilizing legal practice as a tool for driving change around the world.

Value Statement

  • At BlackBars LP our code is the core principle of our practice. We place a premium on integrity, ethics, accountability and responsible business.

Responsible Business Statement

  • At BlackBars LP we consider ourselves stakeholders and servants. Our responsibility to you is to meet your needs and exceed them. We handle your demands, needs and instruction with utmost care and diligence. We place a premium on giving our Clients value for their money and this consequently drives us to deliver excellent legal services. Our practice is distinct at BlackBars LP because we seek to create long term sustainable value hoping we become pace setters for others coming behind us.
Our Origin Story